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Benson Black Series

The New Watch Safes

The new Benson Black Series watch safes are offering an extremely luxurious and convenient storage place for all types of watches, jewellery and personnal items.

Benson Wall Units

A unique layout with a striking design perfectly made for your wardrobe & closets

Style and luxury

Benson Watch Winders

A must have for your automatic watches

Benson Watch Winders

The perfect technology

Equipped with the latest technologies, Benson watch winders are compatible with all automatic watches.

Benson Watch Winders

The watch of energy

Our product is characterized by powerful Japanese motors, a range of winder programs, and an optional quantity of turns per day (TPD), plus impressively low power consumption and quiet performance.

Benson Watchwinders

Winding technology for automatic watches

A Benson watch winder is the perfect accessory for automatic watches. With battery charging capabilities, our watch winders prevent wear, ensure proper oil circulation, and can be used as a stylish, easy way to store watches.



Watch winders and watch cases can be ordered directly from us. We ship anywhere in North America.

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